Companionship Workshops

The Way of Companionship

“In companionship, the Spirit moves to support the healing and growth of the soul…Companionship is the vehicle through which God heals.
Through companionship, the gifts of the Spirit are made real.”

         -Rev. Craig Rennebohm, Souls In The Hands of a Tender God.

Based on a training developed by Rev. Craig Rennebohm, founder of the Mental Health Chaplaincy in Seattle, this workshop offers an introduction to the five practices of Companionship: Hospitality, Neighboring, Sharing the journey side-by-side, Listening, and Accompaniment. In this workshop, we explore ways of extending hospitality and being present with people who are living outside, experiencing mental health problems and/or substance abuse issues.

This workshop offers tools to listen consciously, with openness and awareness, to the stories and difficulties of others; to enable at least a momentary reprieve; and to encourage a strengthening for the journey ahead.

If your congregation, community, or organization would like to host a Companionship Workshop, please contact us.